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Our Process Think of us as an extension of your business; let us handle your fulfillment servicing

Process Overview

CSNG works with you, navigating through various options available to create a “best fit” redemption program that supports your travel, rebate, gift card and award incentive. We have the capacity to provide online redemption, call center services and mail processing.

Online Redemption

CSNG has a robust online servicing platform that enables users to register, validate and redeem promotional incentives. Online redemption standard process includes:


  • Secure, user friendly web registration process

  • Complete online fulfillment

  • Automated, on-going correspondence outlining next steps

  • Confirmation email once redemption is complete

  • 24/7 online account access for clients and customers

  • For our airfare incentives clients we also offer a proprietary online booking site powered by Revelex. This innovative site enables users to book flights similar to any airfare search engine.

Contact Center

By having an in-house Contact Center, CSNG is able to provide our clients with exceptional customer service call support, reservations, and fulfillment services. The common goal of helping our clients maintain exceptional relationships with their customers unites our team of talented and motivated travel service professionals.


  • Customers have direct contact with highly trained and courteous customer service representatives and travel experts

  • Our quality assurance process provides customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

  • We have dedicated agents, shared agents, or a blended approach based on your program.

  • The retention and experience of our agents, combined with on-going training ensures effective fulfillment of your incentive program.

  • Both VoIP and TDM technologies support our inbound/outbound contact call servicing

  • For travel incentives our agents have access to resources that allow them to search airline, hotel and cruise vendors worldwide. 

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