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We carefully select companies that we partner with to ensure that we can deliver quality services. CSNG’s trusted partners help our travel representatives provide you and your customers incredible travel experiences. We have spent years building valuable relationships with our partners in the travel industry including air lines, cruise lines, hotels and more. CSNG is a licensed, full-service travel agency.

Customer Service Network Group is a proud affiliate of:

ASTA – American Society of Travel Agents

CLIA – Cruise Lines International Association

IATA – International Air Transport Association

IATAN - International Association of Travel Agents Network


Our fulfillment leads look to us to offer them the best service and dependability we have to offer. We want to look out for their interest and to do that we take pride in aligning ourselves with partners who can offer our clients complimenting services to our core business but who know the importance of integrity and reliability to client servicing. That is why we implement a screening process for all interested parties looking to become a partner.

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